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Name:Private Kaylin Neya
"This is an unofficial fan account created for the purpose of role playing at ten_fwd; (And other RPs) I am not Kaylin Neya, who is the property of Michelle Sagara. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made."

Kaylin Neya is a short woman. That happens when all your growth spurts are in the winter, in the fiefs. She never had enough to eat as a kid, though Severn did try. She has pale skin, what of it can be seen under the marks, and dark sloppy hair. She hacks at it with a dagger when it gets too long. Her hair is usually pulled back into a messy bun with a stick shoved through it. She has a tattoo of a flower, a delicate thing, on her face. For those of a horticultural bent, it is a nightshade; deadly. The marks on her arms, legs, back (up to the nape of her neck) and front (Right under her bust) are midnight black most of the time.
Swirling things, true Words in a Language used to shape the world and all in it. There is supposition that her marks are also Names and can grant life. If the marks are ever glowing, it's usually a bad sign. If she's scratching or rubbing her arms without being aware of it, there is usually magic around.
She walks, generally, with the confidant gait of an officer of the law, which back home she is. She, however, also swears like a sailor, and drinks too much when Teela and Tain take her out, because she always manages to forget that humans have a lower tolerance for...well... everything.
She will almost always be wearing a very expensive and ornate bracer. If she isn't... things might be bad. Very very bad. Be cautious. She almost always has a small translucent thing - that looks like a dragon but isn't ever to be called a dragon around dragons if you like your head - curled around her shoulders. It has eyes like malignant storms or like opals, with no irises, no whites, just flecks of color in whiteness that are there one moment, gone in the next. The dragon has small sharp teeth and breathes out pure chaos. It
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